Friday, July 29, 2016

NOWHERELAND, Writer/Director BIO and Director's Statement

writer/director Robin Bain


ROBIN BAIN is the writer, director and producer of the multi-award winning film, NOWHERELAND.

To date, NOWHERELAND has been honored with 11 festival WINS, including Best Picture at the 23rd Annual IFS Los Angeles Film Festival (May 2016).

A graduate of the USC School of Theater, Bain is an advocate for female filmmakers and is a member of AWD (Alliance of Women Directors). Robin Bain is an author for MS. IN THE BIZ, a website dedicated to female filmmakers. Bain Often gears her writing toward controversial subjects regarding women in the film industry.


As a topical issue in society today NOWHERELAND confronts the issues and suffering revolving around sex trafficking and underage prostitution.

"In portraying this subject matter NOWHERELAND promotes public awareness and discourse anticipating and advocating for societal changes that will make positive differences in the lives of innocent children who suffer daily at the hands of their abusers." ~Robin Bain

Written, directed and produced by award winning writer/director, Robin Bain, the controversial subject matter has been handled in a sensitive and thoughtful manner. Nowhereland is an art film that explores the dark side of humanity.

Nowhereland is a character study. Low concept in it's nature, this film explores the social, cultural and economic plights of ordinary people as they struggle to survive in an unforgiving world.

Because the film's focus is on the emotional journey of it's protagonist, Bain was able to tell the story in a simple, yet stunning way. Using the city of Los Angeles as a backdrop, we follow our characters documentary style. Spying on them as they live their lives.

Drenched in sunlight, the shots are wide and expansive. Nowhereland visually explores the city of Los Angeles and it’s underbelly. Far away from the perceived glamour of Beverly Hills, Bain has captured the darkest and most despairing elements of the city and the journey of these characters in a voyeuristic manner.

In the true spirit of independent filmmaking, Nowhereland was shot on an ultra low budget with a small, highly talented crew. NOWHERELAND is Bain's first feature film and was shot on location in Hollywood, California in the fall of 2014.

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